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Call for Papers

International Conference on software Engineering, Information system and Applications  ( ICSEISA  2017 )  is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied Computer Science, Software Engineering and Technology . The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.

  • Algebraic number theory
  • Theory of optimal control, differential games
  • Oscillation theory
  • Asymptotic methods of nonlinear mechanics
  • Operations research theory
  • Probability theory and mathematical statistics
  • Optimal methods in quickest detection problem
  • Stochastic Equations of Nonlinear Filtering of Markovian Jump Processes
  • Cyber security
  • Information Security Management
  • Theoretical issues in artificial intelligence
  • Cryptography
  • Coding theory
  • Logic, algebra and categories in computer science
  • Limit theorems for stochastic processes
  • Theory of games
  • Databases and knowledge-based systems
  • Formal specifications and program development
  • Networks
  • Bioinformatics
  • Complex Analysis
  • Computer Sciences
  • Control Theory and Optimization
  • Differential Equations
  • Differential Geometry
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory
  • Functional Analysis
  • Fuzzy Logics and Its Applications
  • Geometry
  • Mathematical Logic and Foundations
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Number Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Operator Theory
  • Probability Theory and Statistics
  • Real Analysis
  • Topology
  • Mathematics Education
  • Activities and Programs for Students with Special Needs
  • Evaluation and Assessment in Mathematics Education
  • Improving the Curriculum
  • Popularization of Mathematics
  • Problem Solving and Modelling
  • Reasoning, Proof and Proving in Mathematics Education
  • School Organization and Classroom Practices
  • Teacher Preparation and Ongoing in-Service Work
  • The Use of Mathematics in The Sciences, Informatics and in The Real World
  • Using Technology in Mathematics Education
  • Scientific Computing
  • Problem Solving Environments
  • Advanced Numerical Algorithms
  • Complex Systems: Modeling and Simulation
  • Hybrid Computational Methods
  • Web- and Grid-based Simulation and Computing
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality as Applied to Computational Science
  • Applications of Computation as a Scientific Paradigm
  • New Algorithmic Approaches to Computational Kernels and Applications
  • Computational Humanities
  • Education in Computational Science
  • Large Scale Scientific Instruments
  • Computational Sociology
  • Medical and Biomedical Computational Science
  • Computational Biology
  • Computational Combustion Computational Chemistry
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Computational Physics
  • Computational Geometry
  • Computational Mathematics
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Computational Electro-magnetics
  • Numerical Methods and Algorithms
  • Supercomputing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Autonomic Computing
  • P2P Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Grid and Semantic Grid Computing
  • Workflow Design and Practice
  • Computer and Network Architecture
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Computer Graphics
  • Geometric Modelling
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Image Processing
  • Web3D, Virtual and Augmented Reality

Paper Submission Deadline

    15 th May, 2017 { If You missed the Paper Submission Deadline and still want to submit your paper, please contact to us :  }

Keynote Speakers

    Keynote Speakers will be announced very soon...

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